Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Almost Weekly Wednesday Midnight Bulletin #2

It's a relatively quiet week this, probably the calm before the storm of releases over the next two, with directors Woody Allen and Oliver Stone squaring off with each other at the local box office.

Flick of the Week
The second consecutive movie filmed in London by Woody Allen, and staring his latest muse, Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive Scarlett Johansson, Scoop is an engaging and humourous murder-mystery. Co-starring Hugh Jackman, it's actually Woody Allen who stole the show as small time magician Splendini. Should appeal to the masses, give it a shot!

I hate to qualify World Trade Center as a "blockbuster", but given the marketing muscle, it's difficult not to as it's touted like one. Forget about conspiracy theories, this Oliver Stone film is devoid of them. Also, this isn't a Titanic, so it's a no frills and also no view on most of what you've already seen on television. The focus here instead is on 2 men stuck in a rubble, and how their wives and family cope with the lack of information.

Fans of Nicolas Cage will probably flock to see this one, after being denied Lord of War and The Weather Man on the big screen.

The Date Movie
It's actually a tie with Scoop, between Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman, but the threesome of Matt Dillon, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson will take the crown for The Date Movie this week for You, Me and Dupree. After suffering countless times of having its release date postponed, one wonders if audience interest managed to be sustained.

Acquired Tastes
The Picturehouse will premiere a Chinese movie titled Little Red Flowers, after weeks of having The Beat That My Heart Skipped probably playing for the longest time since it's re-opening. With competition coming up in GV's Cinema Europa theatre hall at Vivocity, it's gonna be keen competition for the art house dollar!

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