Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TCC Supper with Yasmin

You just couldn't believe our joy (Lokman, Peiyu and myself) when our schedules permitted us to have supper with Yasmin yesterday night. Richard, who had an anniversary to celebrate, managed to make it too, although he arrived just a ittle later than us. Shaiful, lucky guy, got invited to watch the play Army Daze with Yasmin some more :-P

To think that we were actually scratching our heads where to have supper, and in less than 5 minutes into meeting with Yasmin, we had decided to proceed nearby to TCC at the corner of Intercontinental Hotel, opposite the National Library where the Drama Centre is.

And I'm still in a daze - so far nobody managed to corroborate what I thought was Yasmin asking me if I could speak Chinese, cos she wanted to cast me in a small role in her next movie?! (I thought I answered I could... can't remember leh!) Shaiful then pointed out cheekily that Yasmin's cantonese was perhaps better than my Chinese (I won't be surprised if it was true). But Shaiful only recalled making that remark, not what Yasmin said before that.. arrrrrgghh.... need... corroboration.... haha!

Anyway we were discussing a wide range of subjects as usual, her upcoming projects, the movies Sepet and Gubra, the soundtrack and the lyrics of the Sam Hui songs in Sepet, the reaction of audiences in the theatres during double-bill, about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, above love, and all the while everyone was captivated by Yasmin's mobile phone ringtone - very ethereal sounds of a hauntingly beautiful female voice, like mythical sirens.

Beat this - while we know that Yasmin and Shaiful share the same date of birth (except the year of course), what are the chances that I share the same day-month combination as her husband... wah lao eh, what are the odds huh?

And Yasmin got a sneak peek into the memento we're giving her (and Sharifah and Alan as well), when Shaiful had to complete the quartet of autographs on the reverse side. Richard's proposition to Alan, and Lokman's proposal to Sharifah, they're all there :-D

Here's some SPOILER SPACE for a nugget of Gubra trivia:

Did you know that in Gubra, during the scene where Orked "came home" (to Jason's place lah), and Alan presented her the box... absolutely no one, not even Sharifah, was aware that Yasmin and her art director had secretly planted Jason's broken phone into the box. And when Orked cried, so did everyone else on the quiet set, during that emotionally charged scene.

I can imagine... you're not expecting something to be there, and then it was, a powerful plot device some more... wah, tear ducts surely opened I tell ya.

End Spoiler

Nothing beats listening to the director, even better than DVD commentary ok! And I think we'd really relish the opportunity of being on set, if it comes :-)

Sara did manage to make it as well and join us for supper, but she missed out most of the good bits of the conversations :-P And before you know it, we had to leave, cos TCC was closing, and Yasmin actually wasn't feeling well. Sara became Richard's "2 seconds friend" (ok, next time we'll have more time ya?) before we manage to bundle everyone else into her car to send Yasmin back to the hotel. And that's not until we launched into discussions into titles showing at Yangtze or Golden!

But alas, we had to bid Yasmin farewell. Hope you're feeling better already Kak Min! And that you'd like the memento too :-)

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