Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gubra for the Third Time

Yes boys and girls, it was my third time watching Gubra last night, although it turned out as a comedy of errors of sorts, as I used the opportunity to flex some negotiating muscles. I felt bad though, as I was really pushing the limits, trying my luck, know what I mean? But alas we managed to reach some form of compromise, so it ain't all that bad after all.

Anyway I was in the company of Sara and Shaiful - we had people who had watched Gubra twice before (me), once (Shaiful) and none (Sara), so it was again interesting to see how they would feel about the movie too, having watched it again, or not at all (like Peiyu, who enjoyed Gubra without watching Sepet). Thought that we can somehow make it for the drive-in screening at IMM, until Shaiful reminded me it's a by-invite or by-winning-contest thingy, and it has now closed. Would have been quite a setting to watch the movie - under the stars.

Sara and Shaiful Can't Wait to Watch Gubra!They Can't Wait to Watch Gubra!

I'm not goin to write another review, suffice to say that if you can spare the time, do watch it again, and again - if you like it, it ain't gonna be out on DVD anytime soon of course, so until it's out, you can't watch it between now and then! A little extreme I know, but hey, I got my reasons too!

1. You can listen more intently to the dialogue. It rocks by the way, since your eyes can miss some visuals and you can fully immerse yourself to listening how the lines are punctuated.

2. I found myself paying more attention to the non-Orked storyline.

3. The little easter egg styled nuggets - like the name of Alan/Jason's father :-P

4. I've always enjoyed that scene of conversation between Alan and Orked in the pickup.

Some friends have told me before that I'm a sucker for pain. It's like knowing how your emotions will be affected by such a heartfelt movie, that I just gotta watch it again to experience what I've experienced, even though it will trigger some memories of the past. The effect the movie has on me has not diminished, even after multiple viewings. It's that good, you know?


I wanted to watch the last scene again... so that I can confirm that Orked and Jason are indeed married in that scene - they each are sporting a wedding ring on their finger. But aiyoh, it was not intended to be :-(

End Spoiler

Oh, here is Sara's take on Gubra. Must read, ok?

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