Monday, March 06, 2006

A Gubra Memento

The usual suspects (Richard, Lokman, Shaiful and myself) wanted to commemorate an awesome extended week we had, where we had the privilege of attending and covering the Gubra gala, as well as meeting up with director Yasmin Ahmad, and cast Sharifah Amani and Alan Yun. I tell you, those 2 days were so much fun!

So we decided to cap it off by presenting them a memento for their trip here, hope that they remember us mah. Flowers are a bit too cheesy - we considered that for the gala actually, tuber roses or orchids, but decided against it, for the fear that they have to lug them around, and also for Alan how? Flowers will wilt too, so we needed something that could last.

We found that item - a group autographed (wah, like we're the stars instead) photograph (lots of graphs here) for each of them, using the only picture that we took together. It was a crazy evening actually, Lokman and myself hunting for a photo shop that could print it out properly. It's always the case that when you need something, you'll never find it. Eventually, we remembered that Raffles City (where we hung out before the initial interview) had an outlet, and boy, were we pleased to have gotten it all done in a jiffy.

Except that Richard can't confirm if he could make it for supper with Yasmin and us on Tuesday, because it's his anniversary with his girl... so we decided to get him out for dinner tonight, and forced him to write his poetry.

Richard Penning His PoetryRichard's the first to write!

R: "Why aren't you all writing?"
Lokman and I: "Cos we only got one pen!"
R: "How do I spell 'Sharifah'?"
Lokman and I: "S-a-r-i-f-a-h"

Richard's Poetry UpclosePenning his thoughts!

It went on, haha, Richard had to endure our "hurry ups" and deliberately misspelt words (which he suspected was wrong anyway) as he wrote to the flower of his dream, chili of his life, and he was finally so pissed....

Richard's damn pissed with us disturbing his masterpieceYou all try to write lah!!

Hmm... it's not easy you know, as we found out, the hard way by actually doing it.

It's Really Tough To Write!Cham, how to write?

Loki's Attempt!Lokman tried

and I'm glad to say, eventually we all did, by digging deep into how we felt... our masterpieces, done hours before meeting Yasmin! :-D

Our ThoughtsShaiful's not included yet- he's watching play with Yasmin leh!

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