Sunday, December 18, 2011

[BR] Star Trek: The Captains' Summit (2009)

The Round Table

There may be some who knows the inner limited Trek geek in me, but I have to admit after picking up the Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection in Blu Ray that reviewing everything in one sitting is still quite daunting. So as usual I would be taking my time, but why not start things off with the special disc included which recorded the rare time when William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes all sat down for a round table session moderated by Whoopi Goldberg, to share their views on their respective characters, thoughts on the series, its impact and the likes.

Granted this is like a peek into the Captain and their respective First Officer's minds from the series, to the movies, to how lives have been changed, their own and the people and fans they inspire, and it's completely anecdotal, which is what is so valuable in this presentation. There are moments when Goldberg did great at asking some pointed questions and getting answers on record, but I suppose the mood was nothing less than a jovial one, so answers, while candid, were kept civil, despite the heated arguments and rivalry at times that you read from various sources, especially between Shatner and Nimoy, and Shatner's revelation on what he thought of the Next Generation series.

Split into three parts with a play all function available, it runs no more than 70 odd minutes, which is a genuine pity because each of them definitely have much more to share and tell about, and having a combined session only meant shorter answers in order to bring everyone into and have a go at the discussion, spanning many, many topics that Trekkies everywhere, or just fans of the movies or even the casual movie-goer, would come to enjoy since all of them haven't quite graced the screen, in costume or otherwise. altogether at the same time.

I wonder if there will be another version which will involve the rest of the surviving members of the crew as well, from both the original and the Next Generation series. Surely such a thought would have crossed some executive's mind at Paramount.

The Blu Ray disc from Paramount Home Entertainment is found as part of the Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection consisting of 7 discs, one each for the feature film starring the original crew led by Captain James T, Kirk played by William Shatner, and the last being The Captains' Summit. Subtitles are available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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