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2014 Singapore Movies

Friends, this is to keep track of Singapore movies (made by Singapore Filmmakers / selected co-productions) screened, or going to be screened, for this year - 2014.

Do check back for periodic updates, as and when I discover them.
Or help me! If you know of those not in my list, please let me know?
Or if you're a filmmaker and have an upcoming project, would you grant me the opportunity of trying to add a little buzz to it?

Mucho Gracias!

Feature Films

The Lion Men / 狮神决战 - Jack Neo, Jan 2014


re:solve (决议案 / Jue Yi An) - Randy Ang, Feb 2014



Justice Devil / The Magnum (Working Title) - C.J.Harvaraj


(Magnum) Trailer:

3.50 - Eysham Ali & Chhay Bora, Feb 2014

3688 / 想入飛飛 - Royston Tan, 2014

As You Were - Liao Jiekai, 2014

Filial Party / 我是孝子 - Boris Boo, May 2014

Afterimages - A Collection of Horror Films From Hell - Tony Kern, 2014

Teaser (Ghost Pool Leg):


Banting - M Raihan Halim, 2014

Camera - James Leong, 2014

FaeryVille - Tzang Merwyn Tong, 2014

I Am Jonathan - David Liu & Kelvin Sng, 2014

I Want You / 中国好声音之为你转身 - Chai Yee-Wei, China Dec 2013, Singapore 2014

Little Medium Boy / 小灵媒 - Meng Ong, 2014

Meeting the Giant / 再见巨人 - Tay Ping Hui, 2014

Mister John - Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, 2014

The Obs: A Documentation - Yeo Siew Hua, 2014

Rubbers / 套 - Han Yew Kwang

Sayang Disayang / Ramuan Rahasia / The Missing Ingredient - Sanif Olek, SalaMindanaw International Film Festival 2013, Singapore 2014


Showreel 1:

Showreel 2:

To Singapore, with Love / 星国恋 - Tan Pin Pin, Busan International Film Festival Oct 2013

Wukan: The Flame of Democracy - Lynn Lee & James Leong, 2014

A Yellow Bird - Kesavadas S/O Rajagopal, 2014

Zombiepura - Jacen Tan, 2014

Others in the horizon

(aka Announced / Development Hell / Pre-Production / Post-Production / Release TBA / etc)
1021 - Vicknesh Saravanan

1400 - Derrick Lui

1965 - Homerun Asia

32 - Eric Khoo

A Bit of Earth - Lee Thean-jeen (Raintree)

A Million Monkeys - Sun Koh

Ah Boys To Frogmen - Jack Neo

Ah John - Jeremy Sing

Apprentice - Boo Junfeng

The Arrival - Tan Pin Pin

Banting - M Raihan Halim

BasketBallet - Nicholas Chee

Bed - Kelvin Tong

Betok - Sherman Ong

Black Box - Militancy Pte Ltd

Bookmarked - Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Tay Bee Pin

Bringing Back the Dead / 招魂 - Lee Thean-Jeen

Broadway Beng Movie - ?

Bye Bye Ghosts! - Han Yew Kwang

Building Waves / 溺 - Rick Aw

Causeway - Alson Ho

The Charming Rose / Chinese Rose - Eric Khoo

The Chase - Homerun Asia/Clover Films

Cloudcuckooland - Ho Tzu Nyen

Coffee Roses - Cheng Ding An

Come Home Grandma! - Rajendra Gour

The Confinement Nanny - Teo Eng Tiong

Dayak Brothers - Kelvin Sng

Dystopia - Jeevan Nathan, Mike Chew, Christina Choo, Boi Kwong, Randy Ang, Ric Aw, Bernard Tan, Lawrence Ong, Terence Teo, Nicholas Chu

East of Aden - Marcus Lim

Email - Kelvin Tong

Endless Day - Ho Tzu Nyen

Eter9ity / 天长地9 - Kelvin Sng

Fabulous Fat Fish - Cubix International, 3D Animated (from the makers of Zodiac and Legend of the Sea :P)

Fallen - Lillian Wang

Fang - Wee Li Lin

The Flying Postman - Han Yew Kwang

FM - Mediacorp Raintree Radio Movie

Forgotten Tears - Ellery Ngiam

Fuck Me Dead - Eric Khoo

The Gene Generation - Pearry Reginald Teo


Get Meaty - Han Yew Kwang

Ghost Bride - Sam Loh

Ghostwriter - Cheng Ding An

Go, Thaddeus! - Yasmin Ahmad

Granny Neo (Animated) (2011) - Jack Neo?

The Hangman's Breakfast - Glen Goei

Happy April's Fool - Kah-Beng

Hinterland - Tan Pin Pin

Homeland - Marcus Lim

I Am Thinking Of You - Elizabeth Wijaya & Lai Weijie

I Not Stupid - China - Jack Neo

The Immigrant Story - (Bad Alliteration Films)

In The Room - Eric Khoo

Jam - ? (Pics Talk)

The Kids Who Went To Jail - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Koi - Mika G Yamaji

Kung Fu Gecko the Movie - Egg Story Creative Production

Little Medium Boy = Ong Meng

Look Both Ways - Yong Mun Chee

Love Me Tender, Love Me Fat - Han Yew Kwang

Maid To Order - Djinn

Matahari - Azharr Rudin

Mei Meng - Ernest Goh and Randy Ang

Men Look Women See - ? (Sinema Incubator Programme)

Merry Gold Round - A.I. Pictures

Migrant Workers - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Monsoon Murders - Kelvin Tong

More Than Words - Kelvin Sng

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice - Jason Lai

My Life In Heels - Militancy Pte Ltd

Nadra - Sarah Lambert

The Nail - Mike Wulian

Night Lights - Daniel Hui

Notes From An Expat The Movie - Lionel Chok

Our Sister Mambo - Ho Wi Ding

Perkataan Cinta - Shahrezza Zuhri

Pickles - JK Saravana


Pinball - Han Yew Kwang

Pontianak The Movie - Chai Yee Wei

Protect, My Love - Leonard Lai

The Rapists Wore Blue Hats - Amit Virmani

Real Fiction - Han Yew Kwang

Redhill Close - Lei Yuan Bin

Rooms - Void Deck Films

Rough Mix - ?

School in the Sky - Dennis Wong & Dorji Wangchuk

The Seminarian - Joshua Lim

Seven: The Spirit Returns - Foo Fung Koon

Seven Days - Mirtillo Films

The Shortest Man in the Village Who Can Soar Like an Eagle - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Sinema - Tan Ai Leng

Singapooru - Abbas Akbar

Singapore Cowboy - Wee Li Lin

Singapore Girl - Kan Lume

Six "Brave" Warriors - Jack Neo

Silver Ring - Wong Kuang Yong

Sinema Paradiso - Tan Ai Leng

So This is Christmas - Void Deck Films

Styrofoam Samurai - Cheng Ding An

Taller Than Yao Ming - (Raintree)

Third Eye Open - Tony Kern

They Call Her ITCHY BITCH - Void Deck Films

Thunder Boys - Alaric Tay

Titoudao - Goh Boon Teck

Unsettled - A.I. Pictures

Untitled Eunice Olsen Film - TBC

Untitled Geoffrey Malone Science Fiction Black Comedy - Geoffrey Malone

Untitled Glen Goei Movie Set In Australia - Glen Goei

Untitled Harry Yap Movie - Harry Yap

Untitled Lionel Chok Project - Lionel Chok

Untitled Russel Wong Movie by 2011 - Russel Wong

Untitled "Study Mothers/Pei Du Ma Ma" Project - Kelvin Sng

Untold Beauty - Roy Lim

Vengeance of Cleopatra - ?

V O L U P T A S - Sanif Olek

Wild Dog Chase - Homerun Asia

WSB Executive Assistant - Randy Ang

Yellow Flowers - Glen Goei

The Youth - Clover Films

Zeroes to Heroes - ? (AI Films)

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