Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi We're The Good, Bland Couple

Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rosario Dawson. Not too bad a cast put together in an ensemble about a couple who bears witness to some killers who in turn want them taken out. Sounds like a plot for a solid good old-fashioned thriller right? Unfortunately director John Madden's pedigree didn't allow for anything that's slightly above average, with a plot that's riddled with bullet holes and delivering cliches through and through.

The saving grace here would be the dynamics between Rourke and Gordon-Levitt in some kind of master-apprentice relationship, with the former being a veteran killer training the latter's small time crook on how to operate ruthlessly in the big league. Even then, Gordon-Levitt's loud-mouthed character almost always chews up the scene each time he comes on, outshining even the comback kid Rourke in the scenes they share. If anything, his performance here is what would define Killshot.

As for the victimized coupled played by Diane Lane and Thomas Jane, they share nothing more than frustration as they play an estranged couple who are quite indecisive in wondering if they should stay together, or break up for good. On one hand she runs to him each time there's danger abound, yet pushing him away when he responds. Jane's character on the other hand is extremely whiny and needy, so no guesses that his role is none other than a supporting one, but still better than Rosario Dawson's flower vase character in this probably just to pay the bills.

Still, as mentioned this is slightly above average fare, so don't be expecting any edge-of-your-seat moments as everything is quite straightforward and potential surprises in build ups were let out of the bag very early on.

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