Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[TIFF 2008 Arena Event] The Cherry Orchard - Blossoming Talk Show

TIFF continues with its big scale presentations for the general public with the scheduled appearance of the cast from The Cherry Orchard – Blossoming. When the sun set over Roppongi Hills, the entire Arena area was decked in the pink colors of the Sakura, where the cast made their grand entrance to the venue by virtue of a mini school bus, keeping in line with the movie's school setting.

The crowd went wild as the fans recognize their idols emerging into full view, before being ushered onto the stage to partake in a hosted game cum talk show, before a burst of confetti brought the proceedings to a close, and they had to make their way to the cinema hall for the scheduled Greetings from the Stage for those who had bought tickets for the movie's screening this evening.

Conducted in Japanese (of course), here are some videos from the event:

And photos from the event presented in a slideshow:

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