Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Want To Watch Babylon A.D. For Free

I guess once in a blue moon I'll pimp a blog entry here in one of those zany contests to see if I would have the luck to win it.

The good folks at Nuffnang Singapore are now running a contest to give away 100 pairs of tickets to Vin Diesel's latest movie Babylon A.D.. While reviews are not that stellar overseas, I think once in a while we just need to watch a mindless flick with a one man army pulverizing just about anything that gets in his way. I'll want to watch this to see if Diesel can cement himself firmly as Hollywood's next action star following the retirement of the likes of the Stallones, Schwarzeneggars, and the Van Dammes.

And of course, you'll know where to tune in to next Tuesday if you want my lowdown on this sci-fi action flick. If I win the tickets, that is. Cheers!

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