Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Babylon A.D.

Let's Get Out of This Mess

I was eagerly awaiting Vin Diesel's return to the big screen in a science fiction flick, and his combination with Michelle Yeoh, who didn't fare too badly in Danny Boyle's Sunshine, would have made Babylon A.D. a decent pair up for both to show off their acting (ok, who am I kidding) - action chops rather, in a movie that had so much potential in its genetic make up, what with religion, artificial intelligence, and the likes all rolled into one.

Sadly, what came through was a huge mess that is lacking a final act. Everything became conveniently forgotten, or addressed so hastily, you'll probably be wondering what went wrong. Truth is, with the spat between director Mathieu Kassovitz and the studio who wanted to wrestle creative control for a PG-13 rating, well, we all learnt the lesson already from Hitman, but I bet you certain quarters still have not. Action set pieces were bland and generic for a futuristic movie, and the editing so lazily done, relying on quick cuts and close ups to mask obvious inadequacies in production.

Powerhouse supporting cast cameos by Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson and Gerard Depardieu also failed to lift this movie from its lacklustre treatment to a story full of potential, which come to think about it, you're likely to feel a little pitiful for the efforts put in. The only time when the audience gasped, was at the special effects of a futuristic map. And that by the way, was all that was futuristic about it. I still can't quite fathom why the need to travel from Eastern Europe to New York, but going the long way around the globe. More opportunities for trouble I guess.

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