Monday, September 15, 2008

[DVD] Accepted (2006)

Welcome to the Dorm

The premise of this film is as ludicrous as it sounds, but I guess it takes a lot to try and mold a character into the next Ferris Bueller or Van Wilder. Justin Long stars as Bartleby Gaines, and the name will already tell you that it’s not catchy enough with certain vibes as to the quality of this teenage comedy dwelling on the fantasies of students who well, don't meet the grade to further their studies.

Justin Long seemed to languish in the doldrums and perhaps one of the few actors these days to seem satisfied with taking on rather mediocre roles, considering that he did headline flicks such as Jeepers Creepers, partnered Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4, and had a whole hosts of supporting roles in movies, but still is unable to truly make everyone sit up, still waiting for that breakthrough role that other guys (such as one called Shia) have all the luck for. Some guys get all the luck as the song goes, while others just have to make do and wait for their time.

And of course, the role of Bartleby Gaines is perfect for Long, given the character waits and gets rejected by just about every school out there, only for him to hatch a hare brain idea to start his own university, so that he can shake his parents off his back. With the help of good friend Sherman Schrader (Jonah Hill, being incredibly fat here), they start a university aptly abbreviated as SHIT - South Harmon Institute of Technology, only that there's no proper support structure and administrative function, and what they think was just an empty shell in order to pull off their bluff. But of course, for a comedy to function, they soon realize that their website attracted like-minded and students facing similar rejections with no school to belong to, and with hundreds of students paying 10 grand each for an education, why not make the best of it?

It's a comparison on what real life is, and what the fantasized version has the potential to become, in being able to learn what you want to learn, and given plenty of room to experiment. It goes a long way in showcasing how everyone in charge of their own destiny, can actually benefit from taking a keen interest to further their respective expertise and skills in areas not taught solely in books, and frankly speaking, are able to excel by working on their strengths.

Don't expect the usual slapstick or outright comedy here, as it does provide some food for thought, but only quite. It's really a juvenile story suitable for a lazy evening, as you partake in the dreams of a slacker who makes good his unintended promise to educate himself and his peers. Generally acceptable, but not great.

The bare bones Code 3 DVD by Universal Home Video comes presented in anamorphic widescreen and audio is available in either English, Spanish or Portuguese Dolby Digital 5.1. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean, and has scene selection available over 16 chapters.

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