Saturday, January 20, 2007


I Like Big Guns

Feast is your typical monster movie, and in watching this, you'll appreciate the richness of The Host, which itself also belongs to the genre, but smashes all stereotype of how a monster movie should be. But that doesn't mean Feast is not fun - it is, even though it's the usual formula, because it doesn't try to be anything more sophisticated than that.

The story and action starts immediately, and I mean immediately, at least after a no-frills super summarized introduction to all the players involved with the use of character titles. What will set the tone here, is that the introduction is highly comical, and gets the job done in a no-frills manner, so much so that most of the characters don't have names, but rather are named after caricatures, like Hero for obviously the Hero, and Honey Pot for a busty blonde chick (a staple in slasher-horror-thrillers).

It's reminiscent of movies like Dog Soldiers (the beasts), From Dusk Till Dawn (the stand off and the fight back) and Tremors, having a band of men and women finding themselves stranded in a bar in the middle of nowhere, fending off strange creatures who have a thirst for live human meat. And trust us humans to be bickering and infighting for self preservation, survival of the fittest first, with guns ablazing as guarantee. Expect plenty of gore and blood splattering across the screen, and credit must be given, that most of the time the attacks happen when you least expect them to. So if you're trying to guess who survives, the more challenging game will be to guess who' s next.

One gripe I have though, is that the monsters can't be seen in their full glory at any one point in time throughout the movie. The lighting conditions (it all happened in a single night you see) don't offer much visibility, and having speed as the creature's attribute also disallows them to be seen much. You will catch glimpses of it though, when they're humping (yes they have sex!) or during the quick finale, but I suppose you're better off with some picture stills out there on the net, if you want to see just how horrible they look. What also peeved me, is for all the advancement in special effects, this movie opted for the low budgeted stop motion creature movement for some of the long shots - which of course looked too cheap.

The movie doesn't bother to try and explain how or why the monsters come about, and frankly speaking, who cares? If you're up for some mindless gory movies with room for you to perform a body count, then Feast might be your banquet of choice. Only playing at GV Vivocity and Plaza. And yes, stay tuned after the initial end credits roll (less than 10 seconds) for an additional scene.

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