Friday, April 14, 2006

[SIFF'06] Next Door (Asian Premiere)

So you've just broken up with your girlfriend and she has moved out of your flat. Your life is miserable, and you're now all alone. But wait, suddenly you realize that your neighbours are a pair of hot chicks, you're strangely attracted to them, and they're giving you the come-hithers. What do you do?

John's in such a predicament. His girlfriend Ingrid has left him for another guy, Ake. Depressed, he chances upon his beautiful neighbours Anne and Kim, neighbours he never knew existed, but neighbours who know exactly what has transpired between him and Ingrid, through wafer thin walls. John feels uneasy at the sudden discovery of his lack of privacy, exposing himself to strangers who know about his private life in detail. The questions now are, who are they, and what do they want?

A seemingly innocent request to help look after Kim, turned out to be one mind-game after another. The statements and stories Anne and Kim tell seem to cancel out each other, and leaves our protagonist totally lost and suspicious. But before you know it, the much touted S&M scene starts, and I pretty much guess that most would have felt that it was a little too brutal, with the bare-knuckle punches and bitch slaps smack right into the face of both love makers. Painful I tell ya.

It's a psychological thriller, made appealing by a well-cut trailer. However, the movie was rather slow to develop, but picked up the pace much later and never let up right until the end. Then, your reaction will most likely be, "WTF!" It's a pretty simple storyline packed into 75 minutes involving all the characters, in one totally whacked out plot.

Don't buy into the hype.

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