Sunday, April 23, 2006

[SIFF'06] Little Fish

I was drawn into the movie because of the cast, a powerhouse trio in Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Sam Neill. Other than that, the story took a while before it became interesting, and the pace was somewhat too slow for me.

Telling the story of an ex-dug addict Tracy Heart (Blanchett), it brings to mind the Yellow Ribbon project. It hammers home the reality that despite talk of the giving of second chances, in the world of today, just how many would offer that helping hand? Seeking a bank loan itself to finance a business proposition, is an Everest to climb.

The story dwells on the conflicts within her family, the present situation that looks so bleak without opportunities, the disgraceful past, and how the characters have to live with the skeletons in the closet. It was a little dry in presentation, and dragged with a number of scenes. What made it interesting was the ending itself, somewhat tense and not knowing which way it will result in.

Since the movie dealt somewhat with the drug issue in Australia, I wondered during the screening (yes, if the story's a bit of a bore, my mind will wander) if the capital punishment like the death penalty for traffickers, would help in clearing the scourge, though I remembered that there was great protest by some Australians as reported in the media, when we hung a drug trafficker (viet-aussie?) who was caught enroute back home at our airport. In my opinion, tough measures are sometimes required to deal with society's menace like drugs.

And that locking of lips between Weaving and Neill? Didn't expect that at all. But on the whole, this movie didn't work for me and was somewhat disappointing, save for the delivery of the excellent cast.

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