Thursday, February 27, 2003


Originally Posted On: 27th Feb 2003

This is the first of a series of Marvel comic heroes coming onto the silver screen this year, before Bryan Singer's X2 and Lee Ang's The Incredible Hulk (another Jennifer... Connelly,.... WHOA!)

To compare it to last year's Spider-man will not be fair, because Daredevil is essentially a dark character, and i'm glad they stuck to it.

There are complains that the movie is at times incoherent, but hey, it's based on a comic book! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as if it's the first time u picked up a Daredevil comic and enjoying it for what it's worth.

Ben Affleck once mentioned that he won't don any tights unless it's a Daredevil movie, and guess what, he's right! He looks the part as the Man Without Fear, the strong jawline and all, and as blind lawyer Matt Murdock. Guess he made Daredevil his own.

Jennifer Gardner's Elektra looks as beautiful as she is lethal, but too bad, we're given little screentime where she is Elektra with her twin Sais. But nonetheless her initial meeting with Matt is really, really cool!

Kingpin, in case you didn't know, is not the white character he is in the comic books, but heck, doesn't bother me a bit.

And someone tell Bullseye to stock up on his ammo before he even attempts to take out Daredevil :P

All in all, the action is sometimes too fast and dark (hey, it's a dark movie :P), but the SFX for the devil's unique capability is really well done. The introductory background to the Daredevil lore and build up is excellent, though the ending i felt was a little too rushed. Fan boys will lap up all the cameos and name-mentioning of people like Kirby, Quesada, et al.

All in all, I suppose Marvel got it right this time with the movies. Awaiting X2 and Incredible Hulk to see if Marvel can do a hattrick with its movies this year.

Have Faith.

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