Sunday, February 09, 2003

Catch Me If You Can

Originally Posted On: 9th Feb 2003

The minute the animated credits rolled in the beginning, I knew Speilberg hit the jackpot. It sets up everything nicely about the 60s films or films made about the 60s, with all the 2D animation and jazzy acommpanying music, which in itself will tell you the story in a nutshell

That alone was worth your admission ticket. Trust me.

Leo DiCaprio is Frank William Abagnale Jr, currently the best in the anti-fraud business. It takes a thief to nab a thief, so that pretty much sums up the trials, tribulations and the beginnings of a teenager whose life is being on the run from the law, while being an airplane co-pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer.

Playing a supporting role as the Fed agent after Frank is Tom Hanks, who plays this role as serious as he can get. When asked by colleagues to lighten up, he tells a joke that goes
"Knock, Knock"
"Who's There"
"Go Fuck Yourself"

And who can discount the brilliant role of Frank Abagnale Sr, played by Christopher Walken? He da man! And yes, he certainly has tried hard to be the second mouse.

A particular scene that i liked featured the va-va-vroooooom Jennifer Garner (from TV's Alias, and as Electra in the upcoming Daredevil movie) as a high class call-girl, who prostitutes herself to Frank Jr for $1000. Frank my man, ever the conman, although he has smaller denominations of those fake cheques, produces one for $1400, and Jenny returned $400 cold cash to him. WOOOOOOOO! Nothing like getting laid and getting paid, lol!!

On a more serious note, this film highlights to you the concept of "Social Engineering". Don't know what it is? Type it in Google and scan through some of the fine articles written on this subject. You'll be surprised how easy it is to be Frank in real life as well.

Disclaimer: I didn't ask you to con, ok? :P

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