Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Judgment Day / 世界末日

And I was just lamenting the other day that Singapore movies should not continue to flog the dead 4D plot elements and gambling themes, because it just shows the lack of originality of scriptwriters these days, stuck to the old mindset that they can bang on 4 digits and its appeal to the heartlanders, to draw the crowds in. Filmmakers have to realize that unless you have a solid story to tell that necessitates the use of 4D, Toto, Lottery and whatever combination and permutations one can concoct, it's best to leave this alone since there are countless of other stories and genres that are still left untouched.

Which is why Ong Kuo Sin's Judgment Day / 世界末日, is that breath of fresh air and shot of the unexpected that the community here firmly requires. From the trailers, one can see the story revolving around the what if scenario of the world ending in three days. You can argue that this could have been done to death as well in films such as Melancholia and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World which couldn't be more explicit than that, but having a familiar cast challenged outside of their comfort zones with roles they don't normally get, is interest piqued.

This could possibly be the final feature film that the late John Cheng / Ah Nan could star in, while I'm also intrigued by the restrained performance that Henry Thia puts in, as a family man who has a secret to tell his loved ones. Again, while this is nothing new (Glen Goei already touched on this as far back as Forever Fever), but there's nothing like shaking things up a little in recent times.

Interesting local films ahead, people!

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