Thursday, March 07, 2013

CZ12 (十二生肖) DVD Release

What's Up?

It isn't everyday that I promote a DVD release, but that's also because it isn't everyday that local DVD releases of movies get the whole nine yards treatment of extras packaged together.

The fully loaded DVD release of CZ12 (十二生肖) comes with more than 50 mins of special features from behind-the scenes to exclusive footages of the Singapore gala premiere held in Singapore last December. So if you were camping out for a glimpse of Jackie Chan then, perhaps you'll spot yourself somewhere amongst the sea of eager fans.

And those who attended the Singapore gala would know that it came with generous freebies given out from the main man's own pocket as well, and the number of freebies packed into the DVD sort of mirrors that giving-away spirit.

Packed with the CZ12 (十二生肖) DVD is also a copy of Fengshui Consultant Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong’s 2013 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (十二生肖蛇年运程) DVD and Handbook which retails for S$15; and a mystery gift worth $900. Plus, to mark the release of the CZ12 DVD, InnoForm Media is introducing a “Growing Jackpot” Campaign from 7 March to 1 May 2013 with the cash prize starting from $1,088, which all DVD buyers can participate through an SMS and referral scheme.

How much then, is the CZ12 (十二生肖) DVD priced at? S$14.90. Which is about half the price of a typical new barebones DVD release in Singapore that sometimes come with the obligatory trailer / photo gallery (that frankly isn't all that special).

So to recap,

1) Movie Trailers (宣传短片)
2) Behind-The-Scenes (幕后花絮)
a) Full body in-line skating (幕后解密之极速滑轮篇)
b) Mission in Paris (幕后解密之巴黎任务篇)
c) Treasure hunt in South Pacific (幕后解密之南太平洋寻宝篇)
3) Singapore Gala Premiere Highlights (新加坡首映礼花絮)
4) Photo Gallery (相片馆)

Subtitles: English and Chinese
DVD Format: 16x9 Letterbox (2.35:1)
DVD Audio Status: Mandarin 2.0 and 5.1 Dolby Digital, Cantonese 2.0 Dolby Digital

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