Sunday, January 08, 2012

Will You Fund The Re-Assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

A webseries project in Boston, MA by James C. Ferguson, that is.

As the story of this project goes, we follow a group of citizens who are so frustrated with their choices in the upcoming United States Presidential election that they re-animate the corpse of Abraham Lincoln and run him (as a 3rd party independent candidate, if you're curious). He wins, of course, but it turns out that "honest Abe" (Our fake version of him, anyway) is kind of an a**hole. No sooner does Abraham Lincoln step into The White House than the cloning process begins to break down, turning Lincoln into a zombie and forcing those who "created" him to assassinate him ... again.

The project is divided into three very specific phases for very specific reasons.

Phase 1 allows the filmmakers to shoot the first 2 10 minute episodes as a "pilot" that can be shown to guest name actors, sales agents (domestic and foreign), producers -- anyone and everyone, essentially. Once additional elements get folded in, then they will move on to Phase 2, which will allow them to complete the rest of Series 1 (6 episodes, total), which ends with quite the cliffhanger. Phase 3 covers the production, editing and distribution of the second series (10 episodes), which takes it to the finale.

This is an ambitious series, inspired by the hilarious British sketch comedy series League of Gentlemen and The Kids in the Hall with a little of Steven Moffat's current run on Dr. Who mixed in.

Currently the project is listed on Kickstarter and has 21 backers who have to date pledged US$1,110 of the US$10,000 goal to get this made. As of now there are 17 more days to go before donation closes.

If you're keen and want to know more about this proposed series, then click on this link to do so.

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