Monday, January 16, 2012

Jack and Jill

Bad Romance

I am an Adam Sandler fan, meaning I laugh at his movies, and his jokes. So a double does of Sandler starring as both titular characters that required him to be in drag as one of them, would be a field day right? Unfortunately it wasn't so, as there wasn't much of a point in doing so except to earn that street cred since peers would have done something similar already, or there's no other co-star willing to hope on board given the less than stellar returns at the box office his films have been pulling in lately.

So yes, the toilet humour still managed to find a place in the narrative, which didn't have much of a point anywhere except to demonstrate how Jill gets to gatecrash her twin brother Jack's Thanksgiving, and make life quite miserable with her boorish ways. At times the jokes were quite demeaning rather than self-deprecative, and many fell flat since they reek of the familiar. It tried to massage some feel good message about family and blood ties being thicker than water in this film, but ultimately everything was rather flimsy, with scenes looking like mini-skits hastily pasted together into a choppy flow.

The biggest question mark for Jack and Jill is Al Pacino's participation. He may have thought to himself that since Robert De Niro managed to carve a second career in the comedy genre that he may want to dabble and experiment with it himself, but instead of choosing a role carefully, Pacino starred as himself and dove right into the deep end of the pool, albeit playing an exaggerated film version of himself, but it was tremendous damage done to his screen persona. He is clearly out of place and knows next to nothing about comic timing and delivery, and it was a horror show on display. I wept when I saw the scene where Pacino promotes Dunkicino for Dunkin Donuts, and wept some more when he develops a persistent hard on for Jill. Seriously, Mr Pacino, what were you thinking?

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