Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“Imagination on a budget” Workshop with Eric Khoo

Imagination-based entertainment channel Syfy has launched Syfy Shorts, a competition calling aspiring film makers in South East Asia to submit their short films for a chance in getting their works aired on prime time television.

In conjunction with the short film competition, Syfy will be hosting a workshop for local aspiring film makers to gain insights to film-making from established industry personalities.

The panel of judges for Syfy Shorts comprises of, Singaporean film maker and director Eric Khoo; Managing Director of award-winning visual effects and animation studio Infinite Frameworks, Mike Wiluan; and Syfy’s VP of SEA Channels, David Gunson.

Eric Khoo joined with others from the panel of judges, will be discussing topics under the theme “Imagination on a budget”. Workshop attendees will gain insights from the perspectives of a film maker and a production company, on how it is possible to produce good films within a tight budget.

I will probably live-tweet from the event before consolidating it all in this blog post, so do keep your eyes peeled at the Twitter app located on the right panel of this page for live updates from the workshop!

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