Monday, November 07, 2011

Tatsuya Fujiwara in Singapore 10th-13th November

Fans of Tatsuya Fujiwara, listen up! The Japanese star will be making his first trip to Singapore from 10th -13th November 2011. You will be able to meet him on 11th November, as he is set to embark on a flurry of publicity activities in Singapore, to promote his upcoming movie, KAIJI 2 : THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER <赌博默示录 2>.

Tatsuya Fujiwara and his entourage will arrive in town by Singapore Airlines (SQ633) on Thursday, 10th November at 6.20am. He will kick start his series of activities for the movie the next day with a press conference at The Fullerton Hotel from 2pm.

In the evening at 6.30pm, Tatsuya Fujiwara will make his first public appearance at a promotional event at Nex. At the mall's event plaza, he will meet local fans and present prizes to the winners of KAIJI 2 contest, where contestants will pit their skills in E-card and stand to win cash and attractive prizes.

At 8.30pm, Tatsuya Fujiwara will grace the red carpet at the Singapore Gala Premiere of KAIJI 2, to be held at The Cathay. The Singapore Gala Premiere is the first screening in Asia outside Japan.

Local fans of Tatsuya Fujiwara & KAIJI can now get their chance to attend KAIJI 2 Gala Premiere in Singapore. The tickets for the Gala Premiere on 11 November, 9.30pm will be available for online purchase from 3rd November 2011, through Encore Film's KAIJI 2 official website: Each ticket will be priced at S$50 and it comes with a movie poster and KAIJI 1 DVD. For more queries, please call 6742 5810.

Tatsuya Fujiwara and his entourage will leave Singapore on 13th November 2011, 3.20pm by Singapore Airlines (SQ633).

About the movie KAIJI 2
The much-anticipated sequel to the hit movie, KAIJI, is about to hit theaters. KAIJI 2 is a feature film adaptation of arguably the most popular episode “The Greed Swamp” from the original comic book series. Surviving one death-defying game after another, Kaiji Ito (Tatsuya Fujiwara) manages to erase all of his debts, but finds himself once again choking under a new mountain of debt. Eager for another shot at turning his fortunes around for good, Kaiji earns a chance to take on a monster pachinko machine with a billion yen payout a beast of a machine dubbed “The Swamp”. Under the tight control of the illegal casino’s ruthless manager, Seiya Ichijo (Yusuke Iseya), the machine is 100 percent unbeatable. What’s more, a dark and telling secret exists between Ichijo and Kaiji...

KAIJI 2 opens in theatres on 17th November 2011 and is co-distributed by Encore Films and Cathay-Keris Films.

Official movie website:

You can read my review of the first KAIJI movie here.

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