Monday, November 07, 2011

CREATE Film Festival

CREATE Film Festival – Launch of Singapore’s First Social Cinema
Engineering seen through short films by local directors

At this very moment, students all over Singapore are accessing the nation’s first-ever social cinema. They can choose seats and book tickets for themselves and friends for free through a virtual box office. In the cinema hall, no one will shush them, no one will tell them to silence their mobile phone. In fact, they’re encouraged to chat with friends as the short films are screened. Unlike YouTube, the home online viewing experience is no longer a lonely one.

The CREATE Film Festival – brainchild of OgilvyOne Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board, in collaboration with the Creators of Tomorrow (group of young and enthusiastic engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and independent thinkers) – presents three films made by local filmmakers, telling unexpected stories about engineering in Singapore:

“Hi I’m An Engineer”
Directed by Melvyn Lim, Executive Creative Director of OgilvyOne Singapore, it looks at an engineer’s first-time speed dating session where he encounters unexpected responses and hilarious situations.

By acclaimed director, Boo Junfeng who co-directed “Lucky 7” and “Sandcastle”, it tells the heartfelt story of a young man pursuing his love to build planes despite parental objections.

“Building Dreams”
By up and coming local director, Anthony Chen who directed “Ah Ma” and “Haze”, it features what every kid dreams of – a documentary on someone who plays games for a living.

What’s a film festival without goodies? Prizes include weekly draws for iPad 2, as well as free movie tickets and vouchers from Garrett Popcorn, H&M, Frolick and Ben & Jerry’s.

Join us at the CREATE Film Festival here:

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