Sunday, May 09, 2010

[DVD] Mountain Spirit (Jin Hutan / 山精) (2009)

You Have Been Warned

This goes into my books as one of the worst films this year, and even this decade. Malaysian films have made leaps and bounds in the festival circuit, though something like this reminds you that for every gem out there, a dud will provide that counterbalance. At best this looks like a school project, but with insipid acting, a bad storyline and a laughable monster/spirit who looks happy with army styled camouflage and vegetation stuck on his back, with everything made worst by the non-existent acting, coupled with a mixture of languages used that require on-screen translation between characters.

Don't waste your time watching this. If I had a choice, I wouldn't, but hey, someone's gotta jump into the fire and bring you the lowdown to extinguish any would-be attempts to view this on DVD. Don't. You have been warned.

You can read my DVD review of Mountain Spirit at by clicking on the logo below.


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