Monday, May 10, 2010

Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos)


There's so much going in this Pedro Almodovar film that it'll take more than a review to try and explore the many aspects and facets of the film. Involving multiple, multi-faceted characters across two timelines and a film within a film, Broken Embraces reunites the Spanish director with his muse Penelope Cruz, and takes on a sprawling narrative involving a blind scriptwriter who was a director before he lost his sight, an affair with the mistress of his producer, with themes covering obsession and revenge.

For film buffs, it's a tale spun at the production of the fictional film "Girls and Suitcases" within Broken Embraces, which of course looks like a typical Almodovar tale, treating audiences to a colourful visual feast, and ultimately engaging you into its pseudo-mystery. All round fine performances by the cast makes this a compelling watch and propelling interest forward as the narrative shifts between the different times. If there's a film that has almost everything thrown into it, then Broken Embraces will stand out as one of the contenders.

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