Sunday, February 21, 2010

Want to be Heard by the US President?

Those who have been following my blog will probably come across the interview I did with Eng Yee Peng sometime in 2008, which by then she had released her documentary films Diminishing Memories I & II, that had gone on to have sell out screenings at The Arts House in their run from Sep to Nov 2008.

Lately she's involved in the recording of video messages to be sent to the US President, which is part of Australian independent filmmaker Peter Hegedus' project called My America. If you have concerns about our society, economy, environment, or some dreams, hopes and wishes that you would like to tell President Obama, then perhaps you would consider the chance to be involved in this film project, where Yee Peng will be collecting and recording 30 seconds worth of video messages from each person.

Here are the details where she will be filming the messages:
Date: 28 Feb 2010, Sunday
Time: 0930-1200hrs
Venue: Meet outside the Asian Civilizations Museum
RSVP: ypengemail-ma [at]
Tip: Do go early so you wouldn't have to wait too long in line

To make My America Peter Hegedus packed his camera and a makeshift studio booth and travelled from Brisbane Queensland to places like China, Iran, Africa, America, Hungary and Australia. In each of these countries he invited people to step into his booth and record a message to Obama direct to camera.

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