Monday, February 01, 2010

[DVD] Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman (2006)

It's almost difficult to find someone who hasn't heard of Superman, who has endured some 60 plus years already in pop culture, being one of the earliest costumed superheroes who is surviving the test of time, and can be found in various mediums from its original comic books, to radio, to television, and film. Actors came and went in playing the iconic character, and stories in comics have been rebooted time and again, and had given way to gimmicks from romance to marriage to even death in order to find new fans and shore up sales over the years.

This film traces the character's history across all medium, and provides that one-stop shop to almost everything Superman. An extremely effective documentary which draws upon interviews from comic book writers to filmmakers and actors, this is something that fans would appreciate for being chock full of trivia and information, and for the uninitiated non-fan to pick up on the character's rich, content filled history and probably be able to appreciate why this character has been enduring. Rare footages from things like unaired pilot episodes also make this a must-watch and an invaluable archive on what had come and gone, and evolved.

The Code 1 DVD is part of the 14 Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition of the Superman movies, and comes presented in an anamorphic widescreen format in an English Dobly 5.1 audio. Subtitles are only in French, and comes with a 33 chapter scene selection. The DVD autoplays in a letter box format with trailers for Firewall, Lady in the Water, Poseidon and Superman Returns.

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