Monday, November 02, 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers

Who Do Ya Call?

I'd have to admit that this comedy is really great for a Monday night after a start to the work week, and seriously, you're not going to care much about the flimsy excuse of a plot that would've raised some interest due to its focus on the sexuality and sensuality of vampires.

Written by Paul Hupfield and Stewart Williams, the story tells of two losers in life Jimmy (Matthew Horne) and Fletch (James Corden), the former being stuck in a cyclic romance interspersed by moments of being dumped by the other half, while the latter is just having no luck with women because of his size. Around this waist that is. Best of friends, they decide to take a random trip to the great outdoors for a hike, decided by a throw of a dart, in order to try and start life afresh and to get on an adventure, but little do they know what a time they'll be having, no thanks to a prophecy to be fulfilled on Jimmy's end as heir to an important anti-vampire lineage.

So how did lesbianism and vampirism both come together? Well it takes a comedy to gel well-known elements from the reel vampire world in films and essentially geek-dom. Setting up a faux pas historical account of Carmilla (Silvia Colloca) the Vampire Queen, and how an ancient curse had doomed plenty of 18 year old girls pretty much settles it, with the obligatory scenes of transforming some of the loser duo's new found acquaintances. And as much as it is sometimes terrifying, the humour more than makes up for every scream that it elicits from you

Both Horne and Corden seem to share the same kind of chemistry as that between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, in that they exploit their Laurel and Hardy physical appearance in time for some great physical comedy, although it is in the script and dialogue that plenty of wittiness and fun just pushed itself through the narrative, and you're seriously one miserable person should you not laugh at absolutely anything during the film. Some jokes are still rather juvenile of course, going through similar formula also seen in other movies, and Corden easily romps home with favourite comedic artist seen this year, thanks to having delivered some of the best lines and moments in the film.

Plenty of throwaway characters here as well especially that of the female of the species, but it was the swearing Vicar (Paul McGann) who was just hilarious in the role of a man racing against time with a personal agenda, and that's to prevent his own daughter from falling prey to the curse and becoming a lesbian vampire herself. Plenty of obligatory hot bods as well thanks to the subject matter, and the film boasts some nifty special effects so that it doesn't come across as too cheap, since it already took on a comic book panel style with its really huge inter-titles peppered throughout the film.

Sure it's cheesy, but it's extremely entertaining and a lot of fun. Should there be a sequel, I'm all up for it already!

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