Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5th Asian Festival of 1st Films - Singapore Entries

Work commitments will mean that I will have to miss this year's edition of the Asian Festival of 1st Films. So what I'll do instead is to highlight the entries that are keeping the Singapore flag flying, and hopefully you can make your way down for the screenings to lend your support!

First up, Blood Ties, which you can read about in my review earlier, the only feature film amongst the Singapore entries. It garnered two nominations, one for Best Actress in Joey Leong's role as the young girl possessed by her deceased brother's spirit to exact revenge on his killers. Kudos also went to the cinematography, and Derrick Loo got nominated in the Best Cinematographer category.

The other two are short films, with Cashless' Danny Jow being nominated for Best Actor, and Mohd Akbar Bin Tabare Alam being nominated for his directorial work Certain Chapters in the Best Short Film category, an experimental film which unveils the unforgiving and wanton world of gangsters in Singapore, inspired by a series of true events.

Screening Details
Cashless - 30 Nov Wed 1140hrs @ Arts House
Blood Ties - 30 Nov Wed 1845hrs @ GV Marina
Certain Chapters - 1st Dec Thu 1315hrs @ Arts House

Still from Certain Chapters


Blood Ties


Certain Chapters

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