Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I Need Warmth

Billed somewhat as a investigative murder mystery, Whiteout is unfortunately lacking in building anticipation and suspense, opting for something that's flatline on the adrenaline-meter, where one couldn't help but to cringe at how monotonous it can get. Granted of course that life in the Antarctic is routine just like how Kate Beckinsale's US Marshal Carrie have experienced, until one day a corpse turns up and leaves behind a trail of questions that have to be solved prior to a total evacuation of their camp from an impending snow storm.

Action sequences here aren't deftly crafted by director Dominic Sena, who probably wanted to reflect the titular conditions at the ice continent, but clearly lacked the experience in ensuring that they do get a reasonably translated for an audience to partake in the action. Characters too all felt cardboard, especially all of Carrie's sidekicks and friends. There were some nifty special effects involving the cold temperatures, but nothing enough to wow. Plenty of missteps along the way, which didn't help to elevate the rather flat storyline which lacked a catalyst to spice things up.

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