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September - The Month of Film Festivals

I guess some nights off permit me to provide some small updates to this site, so here goes:

5th Singapore Short Film Festival

First up, here are some details about the upcoming 5th Singapore Short Film Festival, which is Singapore's only international short film festival, returns from 13 – 21 September as an annual film festival.

Featuring over 120 short films from all over the world including films from Belgium, France, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Spain and Singapore, the festival offers a spread of award-winning films that are as wide and varied as there are genres in film.

Some notable short films include “Danse Macabre” & “Next Floor”, which are Midnight Cinema films featured at Cannes, “The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5”, a Spanish Sundance favorite, “Limoncello”, a fun ride of a Spanish Western, “Love Child”, a surreal Swedish Midnight Cinema and our local animation talents which have progressed amazingly over these few years.

Some highlighted programmes include the Asian Film Symposium, Korean and UK short films and a Midnight cinema segment that will feature horror, scifi, zombie short film flicks.

Catch more details of the festival here at the official website.

Also check out the Facebook events pages and the Festival Trailer

On a separate note, Wise Kwai has written a memorium on the passing of Alexis Tioseco, news which had stunned me when I first heard of it yesterday. While I did not know Alexis personally, I did have the pleasure of sharing the stage with him and Ben some 2 years back during the Singapore Writer's Festival over a fun session where we talked about movie blogs, which he had gamely participated over Skype.

As one of the founding programmers of the S-Express program, he was to attend the screening of S-Express Philippines screening, and other Singapore Short Film Festival programmes too I believe. The screening will be dedicated to him.

RIP Alexis.

Animation Nation

I may be jumping the gun here since Animation Nation, one of the most highly anticipated film festival screenings, returns from Oct 14 to 21 at the National Museum Gallery Theatre. This month there's a Pre-Festival Program with 2 FREE outdoor screenings at China Square Central, on
Sep 11 and 12. You can also support the festival by purchasing the festival T-shirts at S$15 each.

Read on for more details:

2006 | Japan | 60min | G
Children, Comedy, Stop motion animation | Directed by Tsuneo Goda
September 11 (Friday), 7:30 pm

Komaneko is an episodic story of a young cat who decides to create a "stop-motion" animated film of her own. She soon begins writing the storyboards, making the stuffed animals, and drawing the background art. Before long Komaneko starts making her film - taking one picture after another with her small 8mm camera, carefully checking each frame.

Award - 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival (Jury Recommended Works)
Official site

USAVICH Season 1 - 3
2007 - 2009 | Japan | 60min | PG
Comedy, 2D and Computer Animation | Written and Directed by Satoshi Tomioka
September 12 (Saturday), 7:30pm

The wacky and episodic adventures of Putin and Kirenenko, two rabbits stuck in a Russian prison, as they make their escape and try to avoid the fearsome Soviet bunnies hot on their trail!

Official site

17th Israel Film Festival 2009

The 17th Israel Film Festival returns from 10 to 16 Sep and runs at The Picturehouse, with a total of 5 films being screened over the festival period. The director for A Matter of Size, Sharon Maymon will be in-attendance after the Sep 11 screening of his film for The Picturehouse Explores programme for a discussion at the PIcturehouse Lounge. To reserve your attendance, email:

You can click here for ticketing details, synopsis of films and the screening schedule.

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