Monday, June 08, 2009

Sita Sings The Blues DVD On Sale Now!

For those who have yet to watch Sita Sings The Blues, you might want to know that the DVDs of Nina Paley's film are finally avaialble!

At the store you can purchase the DVDs and also other merchandize as designed by the filmmaker, should you like the film a lot and want to have the character arts adorned on apparel.

As told to me in an email notifier,

The DVD comes in two versions. The pre-downloaded content on the disc is the same in both versions: the movie, bonus tracks like the Director's Commentary, an interview with the filmmaker, subtitles in various languages, etc. But if the content were all that mattered, you could just download it from the Internet. It's the packaging that makes the difference:

The Regular Edition (US$20) is handsomely packaged in a 4-panel "eco-wallet" designed by Nina Paley. 50% of profits from this edition go to Nina Paley, the other 50% go to to help with our work (and Nina's) on free culture.

The Artist's Edition (US$100; If I can I'm saving up for this!) is for serious Sita-supporters: the Artist's Edition comes in a 6-panel eco-wallet designed by Nina Paley, and is limited to a run of 4,999 copies. Each is signed by Nina Paley and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity -- you can download content, but you can't download authenticity! Best of all, 100% of the profits from the Artist's Edition go to Nina Paley. It's a great way to support the artist and get a beautifully packaged DVD at the same time.

There's also the Festival Screener Edition (PAL) (US$20) - This is an earlier version of the DVD that got sent to film festivals and selection committees in 2008. It contains no subtitles, no CC Share Alike notice, and the audio is mono. Eventually there will be a shiny new PAL edition with all the bells and whistles; maybe this old one, featuring all 3 shadow puppets on a dark blue cover, will become a collector's item.

For the completist in you, you might just want to know that all 3 comes in packages of different designs. Visit to order yours, and you can read my review of the film here.

Those who still want to download, you can refer to my earlier posting for details.

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