Tuesday, January 13, 2009


How Can I Help You My Child

I thought this was the serious and unfunny cousin of the comedy series The Office, where you can identify, even from your own experiences, the lousy supervisor you have to work under, ruling everyone with an iron fist and always threatened by fresh ideas that question their relevance, of the pretty but naive whistle blower whose accusations you may find hard to defend against, and of Mr Popular who actually has enemies unknown to him, working hard and scheming to discredit him.

Unflappable performances from Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman makes Doubt a winner, especially when they go head to head at each other, tearing down the opposite defence with rapid fire acidic barbs, while trying to reel themselves from being affected by questions targetted at their very souls. Pacing is like watching two grandmasters duel in a chess game, contemplative in the beginning, before a flurry of events take over. And if you like to work your noodle during the movie, then Doubt is perfect as it leaves you guessing, even as the end credit rolls, to try and piece together your perspective of what had, or could have actually transpired. Bring a friend, and debate away.

You can read my review of Doubt at movieXclusive.com by clicking on the logo below.


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