Monday, October 27, 2008

[TIFF 2008] Sayonara TIFF

It's been an awesome 10 days in Japan, most of which was spent covering the Tokyo International Film Festival, and that said, I still thought that I had barely scratched the surface of the festival, with so many concurrent events, fringe activities and screenings going on, I wished that it be possible to split oneself into many parts to attend each and every one of them, before relishing the combined experience.

While the jury had decided on its winners, here's my personal Top 3 list assembled from the 15 movies that I've watched during the festival. Each had its own merits, and I would surely want to watch them again given the opportunity. In alphabetical order, they are buy a suit, Claustrophobia and Love Fight.

Tokyo has given me special memories, and to add to that, another cap in the feather of experience on how to survive a film festival, and a major A-list one at that. While I had not attended many to date, what kept me most impressed about the festival was how things ran like clockwork, ensuring that everyone kept to the clock so that events could continue as planned, and cinephiles tearing their hair out to arrange their clashing viewing schedules, can do so with to-the-minute information. You read me right – To-The-Minute. Also, there were many activities that were opened to the public, so it's not just an exclusive event for only the who's who in the industry, but an all inclusive one for film fans to enjoy themselves in.

Sayonara Tokyo for now, Arigatou Gozaimasu, and I'm sure if opportunity presents itself again, I am very certain I want to be back for more!

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