Thursday, October 23, 2008

[TIFF 2008 Day Six]

TIFFCOM is in full swing together with TIFF, and although I had wanted to watch Monster X take on the world in a TIFFCOM screening, conventional wisdom and the experience of travelling during rush hour yesterday morning, made it very clear that there is absolutely no way for the uninitiated like myself to try boarding a packed-to-the-brim subway train, with luggage in tow. Having to check out and change hotels, this would mean to take the later train, which was also a squeeze, but manageable.

Roppongi Hills have lockers available in all shapes and sizes for you to stow away your luggage, otherwise you'll have to lug them all the way to the screening halls, which is likely to be cumbersome. Heck, there's even a storage rack for umbrellas too. Although it's meant more for those visiting the Museum and the Sky Deck, they still serve the same purpose for providing storage area for stuff you refuse to carry around. Bear in mind though that the lockers are cleared every night, and it's going to cost you 300 Yen to deposit, and 100 Yen to retrieve. Have some coins ready!

Only 1 screening for today – Mr Tadano's Secret Mission: From Japan With Love, and the Press Conference for Claustrophobia to cover. At first we weren't sure whether Ekin Cheng would be present, given that only writer-director Ivy Ho and lead actress Karena Lam were at the Opening Green Carpet. Ekin's placard on the table was also removed, until much later was it put back, clearly signifying his presence at the conference.

While he might be relatively quiet in the film scene these days, there is no denying that his star power had not diminished a bit in Japan, where many members of the public, and presumably his fans, were waiting eagerly in anticipation for the arrival of their idol. The conference proceeded without a hitch, and toward the end, the fans can't hold out any longer, started to call his name, and surprise, even had gifts standing by to pass to him as well.

This is Day 6 at the Tokyo International Film Festival, and the full course dinner we had this evening, was par none.

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