Monday, September 01, 2008

Step Brothers

You've Lost That Funny Feeling

Of all the recent sports themed comedies with Will Farrell, I rate Talladega Nights the best, having laughed till tears rolled down from my eyes - my personal gauge if a comedy is riotously funny, or not. As for Semi-Pro and Blades of Glory, they do have their moments, but get bogged down by the non-comedic, drama-mama bits. So I guess after three movies in a row, it's time to depart from the theme, and head into a different direction. However, his successful partnership with John C. Reilly in Talladega Nights, under the same directorship of Adam McKay, doesn't translate to instant success here.

Toilet humour aside, the two comedians aren't convincing as men who refuse to grow up, and worse, someone ought to tell them that spewing vulgarities from the hip doesn't make for a good laugh. Also, whipping body parts out to elicit laughter just reeks of desperation. Come on guys, certainly you can do better than this? And not to mention too the web of sub plots that get introduced for the sake of, and bloating this movie way past its welcome.

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