Monday, September 22, 2008

The House Bunny

We're Zeta!

Anna Faris IS The House Bunny, and she totally carries this movie on her shoulders, perfecting the art of playing the blonde bimbo with plenty of heart underneath those artificially enhanced boobs. Now this is a comedy, unlike the lazy and poorly made spoof-a-minute junk such as Disaster Movie trying to milk laughter from uninteresting premise and recycled jokes. Faris probably did right by jumping camp and getting herself this stint, as it comes with a decent though cliched story, but with dialogue that's razor sharp from all angles, you'd better be paying close attention to grab and appreciate them all!

If I'm a chick, I'll pledge Zeta too. So nice.

You can read my review of The House Bunny at by clicking on the logo below.


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