Sunday, May 25, 2008

Temporary Hiatus - 25 to 30 May 08

No, I'm not going up north to start Probably Malaysia's #1 Movie Review Blog. That honour will probably belong to this site.

By the time you read this, I'll be asleep already, to wake up early in the morning to drop by my friend's place for his big day, and lending support (encumbrance, eating/drinking weird stuff, probably sing a song or two, dance naked on the streets, etc) on his big day, all the way until the banquet dinner where I'll have the chance to shoo people offstage by cutting in their dialogue with music (ala Oscars awards shows).

That'll end late night, before I hit the sack only to wake up some 4-5 hours later in time for the first flight out of the country, for work of course, hitting the ground running. Which reminds me, I'd better lay off the booze during the banquet, lest I become a slurring idiot in front of management. Busy all the way until Friday, where I'll depart on the last flight out for home.

In between I hope to meet up with friends over a meal or two. All work and no play, will make me dull you know?

See you all soon! You know I'm back when you see a review posted up here.

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