Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Magic at Cannes?

So it's easy to read what the critics have to say about the various movies in official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, but so far, there is none written to date after its Gala Screening on 23 May 08, or if my online search skills have dwindled, and got zero results about the low-down on Eric Khoo's My Magic, Singapore's first movie to be selected to compete for the coveted Palme d'Or.

At best, I got the picture above from M&C showing our flag being flown high by director Eric Khoo, and his actors Jathisweran and magician Francis Bosco as they make their way on the renowned carpet.

So it's still a sad state where a local film doesn't get an iota of report/review from overseas press even at possibly the largest film festival stage, though I wonder why the local press who got sent there, rave and cover so much about the other movies like Indiana Yawn and fawn over Jack Black's antics for Kung Fu Panda, both of which are screened out of competition.

Priorities, people... local film, world premiere, still see no up ah? Sigh.

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