Wednesday, November 28, 2007

[Singapore Writers Festival] Reel Blogging - The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Movie Blogs

Friends, I think you probably know by now the Singapore Writers Festival will be held at The Arts House from 1 to 9 December next month. What's more, there will be film screenings too!

I was invited by Ben Slater to join him on a panel for the following discussion:

LIFE ONLINE: Reel Blogging - The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Movie Blogs
In recent years film blogs have become an international phenomena, introducing a new wave of film critics and writers to readers, blurring the line between professional and amateur critic. Film-makers are also increasingly using blogs as a promotional tool to connect with potential audiences. This discussion between several prominent film bloggers and writers, will highlight the best film blogging, and explore the key issues for movie bloggers.

and besides Ben, who wrote the book Kinda Hot, we'll be joined by Yu-mei Balasingamchow, the managing editor for, and Alexis Tioseco, a film critic from the Philippines who founded and edits Criticine, the only online film journal entirely dedicated to South-East Asian film. Alexis won't be here in person, but the panel will extend to cyberspace where he'll join us via Skype and a webcam!

So here's the Date/Time/Venue: 1st Dec 07 (This Saturday), 1900hrs, The Arts House Blue Room (why does this conjure scenes from Police Academy!)

As Ben mentioned in his post, if you want to talk movie blogs, are interesting in setting one up, or want to discuss issues about writing and film in general, then please come and join us on the 1st. See you there!

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