Sunday, November 04, 2007

[Press Conference] Ekin Cheng - The Legend of Huo Yuan Jia

Ekin Cheng was in town yesterday to promote his new television series The Legend of Huo Yuanjia, where he plays the titular character, and his co-star from the Young and Dangerous movies Jordan Chan starring as Huo's disciple Chen Zhen (made famous by Bruce Lee of course).

Some might argue that Ekin's star might have dimmed in recent years from his lack of movie roles (1 a year, with Divergence in 2005, Heavenly Mission in 2006, Forest of Death in 2007 and a role in the upcoming local movie Rule #1 directed by Kelvin Tong), but this is one guy who's quite personable, and as my friend John quipped, one of his best interview subjects, which I agree. You know, there are those who regurgitate canned and prepared scripts, and there are those who are honest in their answers and the interview becomes one friendly conversation. Ekin falls into the latter.

And would you believe he's in his 40s already?! In person he looks no older than me!

Demonstrating the Shadowless Punch

To read the team effort at bringing to you the best bits from the press conference and the one-on-one interview thereafter, click on the logo below:


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