Friday, March 23, 2007

[HKIFF] Dasepo Naughty Girls (Dasepo Sonyo)

I Want To Take Picture!

The myriad of colours, song and dance all bring about a very madcap feel to Dasepo Naughty Girls, based on an internet comic strip. In essense a series of short stories or skits woven together, it tells the story of the students of No Use High, a multi-religious schools where monks, nuns, priests, and atheists all study common general subjects under one roof.

The opening credits sequence had brought a smile to my face, and throughout the movie, the injection of song and dance made Dasepo Naughty Girls resemble Grease, albeit weaker in the flow of storylines and subplots, and of course not as polished, at times disjointed even with weak transitions.

Other than that, the movie does live up to its being "naughty", and is thoroughly cheeky with its bizzare multitude of characters - like the girl with a "poverty" doll sticking behind her back, an exchange student from Switzerland, the mysterious principal, a one eyed cyclops, a cross dresser, a girl born with a male member, and the list goes on.

Most of the skits had the usual expected punchlines to its scenes, no doubt similar in style and delivery like the 80s Hong Kong "mo-lei-tau" comedies with sexual innuendos. However, it's breezy and light, and without a doubt, it fulfils the goal of being pure entertainment.


Director Lee Je-yong was around to open the screening, and joked that his fourth film has been voted online as the worst movie last year, that the second was I'm a Cyborg but That's OK, and the last was Woman on the Beach. Since all three are featured in this year's HKIFF, unfortunately it brought a little dishonour to the selection. However, there were other better movies which are part of the selection, so it isn't all that bad.

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