Saturday, March 17, 2007

31st Hong Kong International Film Festival

If you're wondering why the unusual lack of updates here, well, my friends and I will be attending the event above and have been busy with preparations. What's more, we'll be departing Singapore for Hong Kong on 17th March at 0640hrs - Man, that's early!

The Hong Kong International Film Festival runs from 20th of March to 11th of April. The HKIFF this year spans 3 weeks instead of the usual 2. Unfortunately, Team will be flying back on the 1st of April (no, that's not an April Fool's Joke) because of budgetary reasons. But fret not! We'll be bringing you the updates from almost every (if not all) press conference, loads of movie reviews, pictures from the red carpets and cool videos. Perhaps an interview or two, and the latest on the Asian Film Awards if we're lucky too!

Stay tuned to this page or the one above for more exclusive scoops, so bookmark it right now! Experience the HKIFF with!

P.S. If you're somewhere in Hong Kong, give me a shout out ok?

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