Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 5 Duds of 2006

This list is self explanatory, so here goes:

5. Ultraviolet
You will not believe what you have just seen. The only redeeming factor here is Milla herself, and her psychedelic outfits from wigs to sunglasses to costumes. A special effects extravaganza dud.

4. Sinking of Japan
Yet another special effects extravanganza that forgot that you need a strong story. Size doesn't matter, you can sink the whole world and still, it makes a dud if there's no story to hold it all together.

3. Love Story
Kelvin Tong won a directing award at this year's Singapore International Film Festival for this effort, but sorry, no love storyy here. The stories are uninspiring, and the characters just caricatures with no depth.

2. Zodiac: The Race Begins
Singapore's first ever 3D animated feature film is a disgrace. Bad story, modified from the original folk tale, with even worse voice casting. The section of the credits which says "Voice Talent" is itself a joke.

And the dud of the year goes to...

1. Invisible Waves
Utter crap. Waste of money and time. Incoherent plot disguised as arthouse cinema? Please.

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