Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Double Happiness Is...

... no, I'm not getting married, but this is a continuation from an earlier post, the day I got my Swordsman DVD.

It was a long shot, but it was worth a try. HK actress Cecilia Yip was in town as a member of the judging panel for this year's Asian Festival of First Films. Having seen her last Sunday at a screening was a surprise, because I thought the judges usually watch the films behind closed doors. And I regretted not following my gut instinct to bring along a camera, and my latest acquisition.

So while I was glad that she (and the other judges) were there for the closing film, Becoming Royston, for that entire night my thick skin dissolved. She was having dinner at the Arts House Cafe and I thought it wouldn't be nice to intrude when she's having her meal.

My jaw dropped when she and her friend(? manager? minder?) decided to sit at the empty seats beside me. Good opportunity to strike up a conversation you say? You bet, but somehow I stayed clammed up (yeah you can kick me now). Not that I didn't try to talk to her friend, but only something lame came out of my mouth, like

"Hi... is that Ye Tong...?"
"I think there's some resemblance" was the cheeky reply, used to perfection probably to fend off rabid fans like me.

Ooh... And Ms Yip was smiling at that reply (I tell you that smile can melt the sternest of hearts). The screening started soon after, given the almost 20 minute delay due to traffic and weather (yes, I sat there motionless and speechless), and who would have thought the fire alarm went off halfway through the screening as well.

It was not until the end of the screening, when everyone started to leave, that I mustered up enough courage to ask her: "Hi Ms Yip, would you mind if I get an autograph from you?"

And she smiled (heart melt #2) and agreed. The best part is as I took out my Swordsman DVD, she was surprised and asked if it was new. I told her I got it some time back already (though technically it was a week old), and I watched it yesterday night too, extras and all, and Richard actually suggested to bring along that big pictorial to try my luck and get it signed. Too difficult to transport lah, was my reply to Ric. And I had to explain to her that no, I'm not deranged to be bringing along that DVD everywhere I go, just that I saw her last Sunday at the AFFF screening, and thought she would attend this one as well.

Anyway, here's happiness #1, that my DVD Collector's Edition of one of my favourite martial arts movie, got autographed by a principal cast member :-)

And happiness #2, was when she also agreed to having a picture taken with me

Cloud Nine fellas, I tell you, Cloud Nine!

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