Monday, September 25, 2006

Rabun - That Elusive Find, Found!

I'm sure many of us have tried to look for something, but always not find it until you no longer need to, and then it magically appears in front of your eyes. I'm now truly a firm believer of not consciously looking for something, so that it will look for you instead.

Ever since watching Sepet and Gubra, I've been hunting high and low for Rabun, writer-director Yasmin Ahmad's first feature film. She mentioned that only the VCD is available, and I did remember Shaiful say that none of the stores locally actually sold it, cos he tried.

Unfazed, I tried to look for it, at the megashops, and the dinghy ones. Every DVD/VCD shop that I come across, I will pop in and take a look, but always ended up disappointed. Most sold the usual Hollywood blockbusters, or the latest K-dramas, or if they carried Asian fare, usually it's the HK, Hindi, Thai, Jap, etc and the horror genre movies which are immensely popular here.

Today though, I walked past the 2 last places I will look, 2 shops near my home. Fact is, I actually walked past shop A, and entered shop B. Just browsing around with nothing in mind to buy, something compelled me to return to shop A. Even then, it was as if an imaginary force guided me through the shelves, past the discount rack, past the Hollywood rack, and towards a small corner which had ASEAN fare, a selection of VCDs from Thailand and Indonesia... and further on, right up against the wall, I saw the VCD of Sepet.

And then, I couldn't believe my eyes. Perched up there are four copies of Rabun!

I was apprehensive, as I didn't know if it contained English subtitles, but what the heck, even if it came without subtitles, I could still admire the visuals and pretend to understand the story given my limited vocabulary (read: less than 30 words) of Bahasa, or get myself a translator-friend. So it was a done deal, and a purchase was made.

And now I am a proud owner of a VCD copy of Rabun! Best of all, from the initial popping into the CD Drive, it contains English subtitles!!!

I'm so bloody happy I'm just admiring it, not watching it yet until the euphoria of the find dies down.


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Unknown said...

Hi Stefan! I'm a fan of Yasmin Ahmad's works. Been trying to collect her movies and so far, have yet to find Rabun and Muallaf. Do you mind sharing with me where you found Rabun? Thank you so much :)


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