Saturday, September 23, 2006

[Objectifs Screening] One Night Husband (Kuen Rai Ngao)

One Night Husband Poster

Richard managed to persuade me to join him for the free screening at Objectifs today. Actually I had wanted to watch the two movies presented, because I'm starting to develop a liking for Thai movies, but another friend told me that the screening venue might not be comfortable, so initially I had decided to opt out.

Anyway the two movies presented were a hit and a miss, and One Night Husband turned out to be a bad miss. If many in the audience had their eyes closed at one point or another, or become fidgety in their seats, my opinion is that whatever is transpiring on screen, doesn't have enough of what it takes to hold an audience's attention. While the production value is good, it adopted the look and feel of an art movie about contemplation, isolation, and whatever that you would reckon the need for long silent moments.

It begins with enough mystery to sustain anyone's attention - a newly wed couple consummating their marriage, except that after doing the deed, the groom walks out of the home after receiving an anonymous phone call. This leaves the bride Sipang (Nicole Theriault, a Thai pop star) perplexed, and she becomes anxious in finding out where her husband disappeared to after days of absence.

However the movie seemed to junk this plot aside for a preference to dwell into her seeking of help from her brother in law Chat (Pongpat Wachirabunjong) and his wife Bussaba (Siriyakorn Pukkavesh), and from hereon, the focus is on the friendship developed between the two women, and probably if it fell into directors who are seduced by the GLBT themes of late, the relationship will dwell deeper than the platonic level.

While the loose ends do get tied, the journey is trying. Unless you're a serious art movie lover, you might find many scenes in the movie pretty contrived and probably trying too hard. Essentially, the entire story is short film material, bloated only to include beautifully filmed moments of the mundane.

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