Monday, April 24, 2006

[SIFF'06] The Art of Flirting

There was a heavy downpour just prior to the screening, and my friends and I were stuck at the SMU TCC opposite the National Museum. Good thing the skies cleared about 10 minutes before screening, allowing us to jaywalk our way to the spanking new premises of the Museum, and into the Gallery Theatre.

It's a pretty cool theatre, with that "new" fresh paint smell, as we gathered to watch The Art of Flirting. Like I always say, although I have previewed this movie already, if I liked a movie enough, I will buy a ticket to watch it again. And nothing beats watching a movie together with a sell out crowd, to listen in and soak up the atmosphere of community watching, especially for a movie like this one. Wanted to gauge responses from people around me too.

So you can read my review by clicking on this link.

And of course, instead of reinventing the wheel, I share the same thoughts about the event with my friend Shaiful. Kan Lume was in attendance as well (I think for SIFF, all local directors must be in attendance to promote the movie, as well as field questions from the audience?) and you can read a short brief of the proceedings by clicking on to his blog.


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