Monday, April 10, 2006

In Camp Training 10th April - 24th April

No, that's not the name of a made-in-singapore war movie. As with the rest of able-bodied, non skiver, non quitter Singaporean male, I have to fulfill my National Service obligations with yet another 2 week long stint back in camp.

Which will mean I'll miss a number of opportunities like attending the charity gala of Singapore Dreaming, rue the missed chance of flying off to Rome for M:I:III world premiere, and the likes. It calls for sacrifice, and yeah, so there.

However, don't be surprised if I manage to sneak in a movie review or two, given that the SIFF will be ongoing soon.

Meantime, here are the links to some movies I have reviewed, which will make their commercial release during the next 2 weeks in Singapore. Enjoy! (And if you don't see another movie review in 3 weeks time, it'll mean I probably have gotten my ass into some training accident shit. Choy!)

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