Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gubra World Premiere

Gubra World Premiere CrowdEager Crowd Awaiting

The world premiere of Yasmin Ahmad's new movie, Gubra, happened last Monday at GV Grand. The usual suspects, Shaiful and me were on duty, together with Richard and Lokman who were there as they had won tickets to attend.

You can read more about the Gala by clicking on the movieXclusive logo below:

Naturally, there will be what we deem as the Richard Moment. It's almost always uncanny that something most peculiar will happen. Richard was supposed to meet up with us before going to Great World City together, but he had to look for a relatively hard-to-find copy of Sepet, which was sold out at HMV Heeren and Cineshop. He did find it eventually, and after we had made so many calls to find out where he was. But when we proceeded to the theatre foyer, guess what - they had loads of copies on sale, and cheaper than what he paid for too! Another Richard Moment for the annual!

Pre-Gala DiscussionPre-Gala Discussion with Yasmin Ahmad

So while waiting for Yasmin's darling Richard, we discovered we were relatively early at the gala. Yasmin was already there, and so were Sharifah and Alan, but they were upstairs at the Gold Glass reception area doing an interview.

Sharifah Amani and Alan Yun InterviewSharifah Interviewing Alan?

Alan Yun and Sharifah AmaniStrategizing Too!

We mingled around a little, strategizing the angle to cover the gala (on duty, so got added responsibility, you know?), though I had it easier this time since I was the designated photographer. There was plenty of food too!

Food!Richard Playing Waiter

More Food!Hey, Save Some For Me!

Anyway if you had read the coverage, you would roughly have an idea of what transpired throughout the event. There were local television stars, veterans and up-and-coming newbies all eagerly anticipating this movie.

Shaiful Listening InShaiful Listening In

Of course there is always time for pictures for the album before we were ushered into Hall 6 for the premiere proper.

Yasmin and IYasmin Ahmad

Alan and IAlan Yun

Sharifah and ISharifah Amani (Orked) and I

Kenneth Tan, GV's MD gave the opening speech (some things we've already heard from him in our earlier interview), before Yasmin and Sharifah addressed the audience, the former letting us know of her upcoming projects, while the latter, all giggly, told us we definitely must stay after the end credits roll, that we'll not regret. And she's right!

Yasmin Ahmad Introducing GubraYasmin Introducing Gubra

We were sitting in front of the reserved seats (heh, off duty personnel Richard and Lokman knew how to pick seats ah), so Alan was seated behind Shaiful, and Adibah Noor was seated behind me. Always a blast to watch a movie and keeping your ears peeled at what the cast had to say about certain scenes.

At the end of the movie, I suppose everyone could tell we were quite reluctant to leave. We hung around, speaking to folks, reluctant to leave, got some autographs, reluctant to leave, said our farewells, reluctant to leave, said our final farewells at the lobby of Great World City, before we had to leave. It had been a wonderful wonderful evening to cap a surreal 48 hours.

Richard ThinkingRichard Contemplating...

But hey, we're pretty on about meeting Yasmin again for supper (on us of course), and if her schedule permits! *Still Keeping Fingers Crossed*

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